Vegan Proteins

Vegan Proteins

Vegan Proteins

One of the first questions I’m asked when people learn that I’m a vegan is, “What about protein?” Its probably the most asked question after, “Don’t you miss eating meat?”

I’ll be honest, the “protein question” was the first one I asked my vegan friends and family members. Boy do I feel silly about that now! Did you know that certain foods contain more protein than meat? I sure didn’t!
Vegan Protiens
There are many online resources that are super useful for budding vegans, like me. My favourite list comes from OrdinaryVEGAN in the form of the Vegan Protein List & Seed Comparison Chart. I’ve printed out the chart and carry it with me when I go grocery shopping. It has helped quite a bit.

So to give you a list of high protein plant based foods you could add to your meals daily, I’ve put together this basic list of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and/or legumes for you.
Vegan Proteins
Kale – 5g per 2 cups (cooked)
Spinach – 1.8g per 2 cups
Bok Choy – 2.6g per cup
Peas – 8.6g per cup (cooked)
Avocado – 4.2g per medium fruit
Broccoli – 5g per cup
Spinach – 5.3g per cup (cooked)
Sweet Corn 4.7g per cup (cooked)
Mushrooms – 3.9g per cup (cooked)

Pitted Chopped Dates – 3.6 grams per cup
Guava – 4.2 grams per cup
Fresh Passionfruit – 5.1 grams per cup
Pomegranate – 4.7 grams per fruit

Cashews – 4.4 grams per 28g
Walnuts – 5 grams per 1/4 cup
Pistachios – 5.8 grams per 28g
Almonds – 4 grams per 2 tbsp
Nut Butters – peanut, almond, cashew – 7.7g per 2 tablespoons

Sesame Seeds 6.5 grams per 28g
Hemp Seeds – 3.3g per tablespoon
Flax Seeds- 2g per tablespoon
Pumpkin Seeds – 8.5g per 28g
Chia Seeds – 2.5g per tablespoon
Tahini – 8 grams per 3 tablespoons

Quinoa – 8.1g per cup
Oats – 6g per cup
Buckwheat – 6g per cup (cooked)
Seitan – 52g per cup (Seitan – Often called “wheat meat” used to substitute the texture of meat made from wheat gluten. Low in calories and carbohydrates yet high in protein. A three-ounce portion can contain 21 grams of protein.)

Non Dairy Milk:
Unsweetened Soymilk – 14g per 470ml glass

Legumes and Beans:
Firm Tofu – 43.5g per cup
Lentils – 17.9g per cup
Soybeans – 28 grams per 1 cup Organic only
Black Turtle Beans – 39 grams per 1 cup
Garbanzo Beans (and hummus) – 14.5 grams per 1 cup
Pinto or Kidney Beans – 13-15 grams per 1 cup

The hardest thing in the beginning, for me, was to include lentils and more beans to my diet. I was very intimidated by the thought of cooking them. In all honesty, it hasn’t been that hard. It doesn’t take any more effort to prepare my vegan substitutes to our daily meal than it does making my family’s omnivorous meals.

What are your favourite or go to high protein meals?

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