Its time for a Momma Playdate

What is a momma playdate?

This past weekend, I was honoured to invited by Kids Emporium to their annual Blogger’s Breakfast. I couldn’t make it last year, so I was really curious as to what it was all about. Lauren de Swardt, founder of Kids Emplorium hosted this great morning of just a plain, old girls “skinner” (gossip) session. It was awesome, as so needed!

Janice from Working Mothers Expo gave a talk on time management that really inspired me. On her way to the breakfast that morning, her 6 year old son asked her if she was going to a mommy playdate. That really struck me…

When do we, as mother’s, ever do something for ourselves just “because”? Why is it so hard for us to take time, for ourselves, by ourselves and with our girlfriends without the feeling of guilt, over leaving the kids behind, sneaking up on us?

Why is that so hard? Why are we afraid (or is ashamed a better word?) to ask our husbands, partners or families to take care of the children for a few hours so we can have time by ourselves, without having to worry about a child? Why do we feel like we need permission to go out for coffee or a dinner date with a friend, or two, without our children? Why do we feel like bad parents when we do?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that we, as mothers, need to start taking time out of our week just for us. We need a “me day”. A day where we do nothing but sit on the couch, drinking tea and binge watching our favourite series on Netflix. We need to take time to “Netflix and chill“!

But, I have a plan!
My plan is to have a quarterly “Momma Playdate”. It will be a 3 course luncheon held at a venue, still to be decided, in Johannesburg. Tickets will be available for sale before the event. No children will be allowed and it will be for Mothers Only. If you are interested in attending, becoming involved or contributing to the Momma Playdates, please complete the form below:

Once I have analysed the responses and there is enough interest in the planned “Momma Playdates”, an email will be sent out with the details.

I am looking forward to getting this ball rolling. Please share this with your friends, the more people we have interested, the more fun we will have together.