Taking charge of the home

A house should not just a building you live in, it should be a home filled with people and things you love. I have allowed our home to become just a house. We are swamped with STUFF, lots and lots of STUFF! *SIGH* Hoarding is a something both the Hubby and I struggle with. I hoard school STUFF and he, well, doesn’t throw anything away.

There’s a saying, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place“. That may be easier said than done, but I’m on a mission to make it so in our home.

Part of organising our home, I have started purging tons and tons of junk that we don’t use, need or are broken and/or damaged. No point in keeping all this stuff if its not being used.

Decluttering pushes my anxiety up to insane levels, so I do it bit by bit. Taking a bag and pile of STUFF a day and going through it. Taking a break every hour, if need be. On good days, I may get through more than 2 bags. The important thing to remember is not to try do it all in one day. It took more time than that to collect the STUFF. Trying to do it all in one go can do more harm than good.

My first port of call is the kidlet’s toys. With Christmas coming up this week, sorting through their toys and donating that which they no longer play with and tossing the toys that are broken and damaged. We usually do this after Christmas to make space for their new toys. It’s important to include your kidlets in this process.

Before the new school year starts, I want to go through all our school books and donate those that we no longer need. Especially the baby books Pixie has outgrown. The books that we will be keeping for when the girls reach that level in school will be stored in airtight storage containers in the garage.

We donate all the toys and books to the local charity, The Grace Factory. The Grace Factory, is a non-profit organisation (NPO 123-700) that aims to support children’s homes by providing them with basic necessities such as clothes, blankets, toiletries, nappies, formula etc.

The Garage also needs to be sorted out, but that I’ll leave to The Hubby and my father-in-law.

I’ll be following storage and organisation tips I have gathered on Pinterest.
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I’ll be sharing our progress as we declutter, purge and organise our home. I’m rather nervocited (nervous and excited), as Pinky Pie from My Little Pony says. Watch this space as we start going STUFF free!

Much love….