Scrapbooking for Granny

It has been many many years since I have done physical scrapbooking with paper and all the messiness that goes with it. I think the last time I did actual scrapbooking was just before Koko (now 8) turned a year old!

We spent a week with my Grandmother and got some really great photographs of her with the Kidlets. I give her photographs of the children every year. This year, as part of my “reawakening”, I decided to make her a scrapbook page with all the photographs and have it framed. I have just finished it. Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to find a frame for it to go in.

I have forgotten how much fun scrapbooking can actually be. This took me a little over an hour (excluding the constant interruptions and dinner, LOL).

This is the best photograph I could get of the page, I’ll get a photograph of my Gran with it when we see her in the new year.
I’m planning on doing quite a bit more of this in the future. I find being creative so relaxing and its great for the psyche. I have yet to start scrapbooks for Fifi and Pixie. I have a feeling I’ll be spending quite a bit of time elbow deep in glue, glitter, embelishments, stickers and pretty paper.

Much love….