Vitality Wellness Check Up Update ~ I have a Plan

Vitality Wellness Check Up Update
Today I went for my Vitality Wellness Check Up and boy oh boy am I disappointed in myself. My weight has gone up substantially and my cholesterol is terrible. I’m very nearly back to my starting weight. What have I been thinking??? Clearly I haven’t.

I really need to get back onto this bandwagon properly again. I’ve been slacking a lot of late and lost focus on my health. I have 12 weeks to get my weight from 105 kilograms (231 pounds) to 95 kilograms (209 pounds). That’s just under a kg a week to get to my first goal weight. My waist circumference is 107cm (44.6 inches), that’s over a metre!!! With the new goals and lifestyle changes I’ve set myself, I’m hoping to get all that down in the next 12 weeks.

No more messing about!

So from today, I’ll be doing the following:
* Joining the Discovery DiabetesCare programme to help me manage my diabetes better
* Starting a daily food diary
* Sticking to a strict Banting Diet and eating only green list foods a daily dose of fruit from the orange list with full cream yoghurt for breakfast (¼ cup each)
* No more carbohydrates, other than those allowed on the orange list (¼ cup per day)
* No snacking on biscuits (this is my weakness)
* Drinking more water and less tea and/or coffee, with the goal to cut out these completely
* Starting regular exercise in the form of Yoga (a minimum of 1 hour a day)
* Taking our Dachshund, Tammy, for a daily walk
* Cutting Rye bread completely from my diet. I’ve been eating a rye bread roll every day for lunch and I’m pretty sure that’s not a good idea
* Adding a lecithin supplement to my daily vitamins to help my body process the “bad” cholesterol and get my system back on track

My cholesterol count surprised me, I wasn’t expecting these results as the last batch of tests showed normal cholesterol levels.

The results were as follows:
Total Cholesterol 6.6 My Goals: Less than 5
LDL 3.9 Less than 3
HDL 0.9 More than 1.2
Triglycerides 3.2 Less than 1.7

I’ll be going back to the clinic for another check up next month to monitor my cholesterol.

The results today just proved to me that I haven’t been as on board with my own treatment as I have claimed to be. That all changes today.

I’ve set my goals and I’m going to do my utmost best to meet them in the time I’ve set myself. I have to loose less than a kilogram a week to get down to my first goal weight in 12 weeks. Its going to be hard to break the new bad habits I have formed, but its time to rededicate myself to my health.

No more excuses!

Please follow me on a Instagram to see how I’m progressing, I need all the support I can get!

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