Reality check!

So on Saturday morning I received an ugly reality check! I saw, actually saw, myself in the mirror for the first time. Rolls, bulges and all. I was devastated and spent the entire time I was blow drying in hair in tears.

I have been working on my image in the last few months and having to lose weight (close to 50 kgs!) has been something I have wanted to work on, but, honestly, it hasn’t been something I’ve put much thought to… until now.

The Hubby and I are now on the Paleo with dairy diet and I’ve been trying really hard to stick to it. I am really struggling to cut out my morning coffee with sugar. Coffee without sugar just doesn’t do it for me and not having coffee in the morning really isn’t an option. But other than my 2 cups of coffee during the day, I have been doing well.

I have taken to walking every day. On Saturday, I started walking around the football field while the kids were at practice. I made it round, at a good pace, 3 times. I was exhausted, but its a start. I have taken to walking around our housing estate every afternoon with Tammy, our Doxy. I’m stiff and sore today, but I’m feeling better than I have in quite some time.

Being told, rather frequently, that I needed to lose weight did nothing but irritate me. Now that I’ve actually noticed what I really look like, I’ve realized how much weight I actually need to drop. I have already lost a few centimeters. My belt, which I bought less than a month ago, is already to big and needs a new hole to hold up my jeans!

It is going to take quite some time to get back to the weight I was before I fell pregnant with Noo 14 years ago, but I’m adamant that I can and will do it. Watch this space!

Much love…