Review: Absolutely Awesome South Africa

Absolutely Awesome South Africa
I won this book by Derryn Campbell called “Absolutely Awesome South Africa” in one of the lucky draws at the recent SA Mom Blogs Jozi Meet Ups.

Absolutely Awesome South Africa is an entertaining compilation on South Africa which is packed full of fun, facts and trivia. This completely new coffee table book is packed with completely new content and design on every page and is full of South African humour, history and interesting facts. The vibrant and colourful pages of Absolutely Awesome South Africa captures the heart and the soul of this magnificent country.

The contents if this book covers a variety of subjects like “Having a Laugh”, “Public Holidays”, “Sporting Nation”, “Everyday Living”, “In the Past”, “Wonders of Nature”, “Facts and Figures”, “World Heritage Sites” and “Culture”.

My favourite page in the book is the “Chappies” page. It brought back so many great memories of my childhood and being unhappy when the paper was ripped during the unwrapping.
Absolutely Awesome South Africa
In going through and reading this book, I was startled when I realised how much I didn’t know about my country, my home, my neighbours’ cultures.

Little, simple things that I find fascinating. For instance, Did you know that almost all of South Africa’s major cities have nicknames and that South Africa’s nickname is Mzanzi? I didn’t and here I thought was an informed citizen!?

Did you know that there are various archaeological treasures (other than the Cradle of Humankind) around the country and a rich trade route to the south of ancient Africa? These are things I have heard of, but never really thought about. This book briefly covers so much information on our beautiful country that has peeked my fascination of early history in SA. What an amazing source of inspiration in learning more about the country I love.

There is simply too much amazing information in this book to cover every aspect, so do yourself a favour and seek it out! I can’t wait to go through it with my children and give them a glimps of the ABSOLUTELY AWESOME SOUTH AFRICA we live in!

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